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  • Gas Grill
  • HDTV
  • WiFi Internet

Kintzle Home Description

Windcliff is an amazing residential enclave straddling 260 acres of pristine Colorado real estate adjoining Rocky Mountain National Park. Five miles of roads wind amongst its characterful collection of mountain-view homes. And, perfectly situated among them is the Kintzle residence. You would be hard-pressed to pick a more perfect site upon which to live out your mountain dreams. And, Kintzle is all set and primed to welcome you for a vacation stay you will never forget.

The Kintzle family home is a Windcliff Legacy Home with decks on three sides — and mountains on four!

Step out onto the western deck and the sheer mass of the wall of mountains spread out before you is staggering – you may want to grab a handrail! This is the majestic “Front Range” of the Rocky Mountains that anchors Rocky Mountain National Park — all 425 square miles of it! You likely noticed on your initial tour of admiration around Kintzle that its walls feature the mountain photography of Lew Dakan, an esteemed Colorado master of the photographic arts. You can relate his photos now to the expansive vistas spread before you. There stand Hallett Peak and Otis Peak admiring their handsome reflections in the waters of Bear Lake. Over yonder are mountains named Chiquita, Chapin, and Ypsilon enticing you to venture into the Mummy Range. And, these are but a sampling of the 72 named peaks that tower above 12,000 feet in Rocky Mountain National Park, and behind whose summits the sun will stage its daily spectacle when the hour of sunset arrives. Just east of you at Kintzle are the ramparts of Ram’s Horn Mountain. The band of white granite teeth grinning from one prominent rock face is affectionately referred to as “Teddy’s Teeth” — a reverent tip of the hat to Teddy Roosevelt. Theodore Roosevelt was a “mountain man” if ever there was one! Below you lies the vale of Aspen Brook carrying water from the famed Wind River Pass that rises at the southern extremity of your view.

The Kintzle family affords you every necessary amenity while you tarry in their home. The upper level offers gracious living space with seating clustered ‘round the fireplace. The kitchen is well-appointed and well-equipped for your forays into mountain cuisine. Likely about one-millionth of one percent of the dining tables upon this earth can boast the spectacular panoramic view that enthralls you at every meal when you settle down to dine at Kintzle. And, the deer grazing for its dinner just outside the windows lend the wonderfully-surreal sense that each of you can be equally “at home” in this place. Three fine bedroom suites upstairs and a TV lounge and bedroom downstairs will keep you well rested for all that these magnificent environs have to offer. There are water colors, fine prints, and photographs throughout. But, the best images of all are not hanging on the wall. They are waiting for you and your camera just outside on the deck — or along the trails you can now envision in the National Park.

Another remarkable image at Kintzle also bears mentioning. A limited-edition print by Lori Salisbury is a focal feature of the living room. It hangs in that singular place of honor over the fireplace. A coyote cub sits astride a snow-strewn landscape. A full moon hangs in the heavens. The cub’s head is tilted skyward in the classic posture of a howl and you can see his breath against the moonlit sky and hear his plaintive song in your soul. It is entitled, “First Solo.” If the moon is full during the course of your stay and you find yourself out on the deck, the urge to howl may be irresistible! Welcome to the Rocky Mountains. Enjoy your stay at Kintzle. Others certainly have. You can hear it in their comments…….

“I couldn’t have asked for a better time and stay with my family.”
“Kintzle was amazing, spotless, and comfortable — and afforded us panoramic views of the mountains.”
“…….fabulous views of the whole range…..especially at sunset.”
“Kintzle was great…..great wrap-around decks with magnificent mountain views.”
“The Windcliff staff was professional, courteous, and helpful from start to finish.”
“The perfect house for our vacation.”
“…….wall-to-wall windows…….”
“We all settled in to read by the fire every night.”
“We loved all the little things about ‘home’ that it offered — the space, the location, and the gorgeous views. We would highly recommend this house to anyone.”
“Phenomenal time in a stunning location.”
“What a holiday Kintzle made! It was so beautiful it brought me to tears.”

A SPECIAL CONSIDERATION: Although Estes Park [Rocky Mountain National Park’s gateway community] is only 15 minutes distant by car, you will always feel securely tucked away at “Kintzle” — separated from the “hustle and bustle” of people and their traffic. The Windcliff enclave embracing the “Kintzle” residence is a private residential community comprising 260 acres on the sunny western slopes of Ram’s Horn Mountain. It is served by a single entrance to private roads with no through streets or heavy traffic. It is truly a world apart!


  • Single Family Home
  • 4 bedroom 3 bath
  • Bedding -­- 1 King, 1 King, 1 Queen, 2 Twins, 1 Sofa Sleeper
  • Maximum Number of Cars: 3 (No Garage)
  • Maximum Occupancy: 8


2018 Value Season1/3/18 - 3/1/18$185/nt. plus $25/person after two2-Night Minimum
2018 Spring Break Special3/3/18 - 3/25/18$205/nt. plus $25/person after two3-Night Minimum
2018 Value Season3/26/18 - 4/26/18$185/nt. plus $25/person after two2-Night Minimum
2018 Special Season4/27/18 - 5/17/18$205/nt. plus $25/person after two3-Night Minimum
2018 Prime Season5/18/18 - 9/3/18$280/nt. plus $25/person after two5-Night Minimum
2018 Fall Season9/4/18 - 10/31/18$245/nt. plus $25/person after two3-Night Minimum
2018 Value Season11/1/18 - 11/15/18$185/nt. plus $25/person after two2-Night Minimum
2018 Thanksgiving Special11/16/18 - 11/25/18$205/nt. plus $25/person after two5-Night Minimum
2018 Value Season11/26/18 - 12/13/18$185/nt. plus $25/person after two2-Night Minimum
2018 Christmas/New Year12/14/18 - 1/2/19$205/nt. plus $25/person after two5-Night Minimum
2019 Value Season1/3/19 - 5/2/19$185/nt. plus $25/person after two2-Night Minimum (3-Night Minimum in March)

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