4 bed, 3 1/2 bath
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  • Satellite TV
  • Gas Grill
  • WiFi Internet

Salmans Bear Cove Home Description

Salmans’ Bear Cove stands poised beneath the stunning rock outcroppings of Buser Park in prestigious Windcliff Estates. This charming, bear-themed vacation home sits amidst groves of pine and aspen trees. The “bear” theme is evidenced by the bear rug, by attractive bear art and statuary, and by the bear tracks out in the yard where the real thing has wandered by. A ravine denotes the property’s northern boundary and awaits the rush of waters that will accompany the next thunder storm that passes this way. Bear Cove features an open floor plan beneath beamed ceilings with ample areas for relaxing, refreshing, or feasting on fare from the large, well-equipped kitchen. The western deck offers additional dining accommodation and a gas grill for the barbequed selections on the menu. Wood is stacked on the living room hearth ready for a fire when the occasion calls. Wrap-around windows frame spectacular views of the beckoning peaks in Rocky Mountain National Park. Four bedrooms make Bear Cove an ideal family destination. Bear Cove features two master king suites. One boasts a private patio and even a carpeted crawl-in “cave” — the perfect retreat for children’s naps or fantasies (or, maybe, a hibernating bear!).

But, Bear Cove offers more than just spectacular views into Rocky Mountain National Park. It offers you an historic glimpse into the beginnings of it all. Your stay at Bear Cove actually began with a few pen strokes by an American President. Just a hundred yards or so beyond your deck stands the original “Windcliff” cabin — the homestead residence of Frank and Cora Webster. You can see it in the grove of trees just down there. Frank was an editor at the Denver Post newspaper at the end of the 19th Century. The Homestead Act of 1862 afforded Frank and Cora the will and the right to apply for a 160-acre slice of this mountain paradise. After fulfilling the stringent requirements of the Act (including paying a $16 filing fee!), President William McKinley signed their Homestead Certificate in 1897 and the sturdy cabin christened “Windcliff” began to grow before the watchful eyes of grazing deer and elk. That very cabin in your field of view from Bear Cove became the incubator for a vibrant dream in the days to come. Enos Mills is proclaimed the “earnest promoter” and “father” of Rocky Mountain National Park. Enos Mills would dine at “Windcliff” with Frank and Cora Webster, with William Allen White (the great “Progressive” mind of his day), and with the Kelloggs of Battle Creek. All were devotees of the proud notion that the mountain vistas standing proud and pristine before them should be set aside as a National Park for all future generations — including yours. Their lively banter around those evening fires led to resolve that became unrelenting lobbying for a cause they loved. What began where you stand today culminated in Congressional approval for establishment of Rocky Mountain National Park. Congress’s actions were signed into law by President Woodrow Wilson on January 26, 1915. On September 4, 1915, a jubilant crowd gathered up in Horseshoe Park to celebrate the Park’s “Grand Opening.” Each time you venture up to the Park in the course of your stay at Bear Cove, tip your hat and your heart to the proud spirit of these early mountain visionaries and to all that endures undisturbed thanks to them. At Windcliff and at Bear Cove you stand on hallowed ground.

Antique skis, snowshoes, and sleds adorn the walls at Bear Cove. They are a daily reminder that others have passed this way before us to engage the mountains and their natural inhabitants. And, many they are who have left their words inscribed…….
“…..forget about a ‘million-dollar view’ — this was five million or more!”
“…..compared to our asphalt acreages in Houston, it is truly healing to share one’s yard with coyotes, chipmunks, ground squirrels, deer, and birds.”
“…..the deck allowed us to admire God’s handiwork…..and the night sky was amazing.”
“…..we will long remember Thanksgiving dinner, pumpkin pie, and turkeys ambling through the yard.”
“…..the mountains draw me, filling my soul with awe and joy.”
“…..what an amazing, terrific, fabulous, stupendous, wonderful, refreshing, fun, glorious week we’ve had!”
“…..what a wonderful visit in the Rocky Mountains. And, Bear Cove was our fantastic ‘home base’ for all of our adventures. We went rafting, took a trail ride on horseback at Sombrero Ranch, and hiked every day — but our favorite time was sitting on the deck admiring the amazing view.”

We can’t wait to see what joyous comments Bear Cove will elicit from you!
Although Estes Park [Rocky Mountain National Park’s gateway community] is only 15 minutes distant by car, you will always feel securely tucked away at Salmans’ “Bear Cove” — separated from the “hustle and bustle” of people and their traffic. The Windcliff enclave embracing Bear Cove is a private residential community comprising 260 acres on the western slopes of Ram’s Horn Mountain. It is served by a single entrance to private roads with no through streets or heavy traffic. It is truly a world apart!

Single Family Home
4 bedroom 3 1/2 bath 1 fireplace
Bedding -1 King, 1 Queen/Twin Trundle, 2 Twins, King, Satellite TV, Gas Grill, Wi-Fi Internet
Maximum Number of Cars: 3

Base Rates vary by season. All pricing is for 2 persons, each additional person is $25 per person per night over the Base Rate. Minimum Night Stays: vary by season.

Amenities at Salmans

  • Single Family Home
  • 4 bedroom
  • 3 1/2 bath
  • 1 fireplace
  • Bedding -1 King, 1 Queen/Twin Trundle, 2 Twins, King,
  • Maximum Number of Cars: 3
  • Maximum Occupancy: 8


2018 Value Season1/3/18 - 3/1/18$165/nt. plus $25/person after two2-Night Minimum
2018 Spring Break Special3/2/18 - 3/25/18$185/nt. plus $25/person after two3-Night Minimum
2018 Value Season3/26/18 - 4/26/18$165/nt. plus $25/person after two2-Night Minimum
2018 Special Season4/27/18 - 5/17/18$185/nt. plus $25/person after two3-Night Minimum
2018 Prime Season5/18/18 - 9/3/18$250/nt. plus $25/person after two5-Night Minimum
2018 Fall Season9/4/18 - 10/31/18$215/nt. plus $25/person after two3-Night Minimum
2018 Value Season11/1/18 - 11/15/18$165/nt. plus $25/person after two2-Night Minimum
2018 Thanksgiving Special11/16/18 - 11/25/18$185/nt. plus $25/person after two5-Night Minimum
2018 Value Season11/26/18 - 12/13/18$165/nt. plus $25/person after two2-Night Minimum
2018 Christmas/New Year12/14/18 - 1/2/19$185/nt. plus $25/person after two5-Night Minimum
2019 Value Season1/3/19 - 5/2/19$165/nt. plus $25/person after two2-Night Minimum (3-Night Minimum in March)

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