A real estate client asked me yesterday why no one has purchased the lot at 3413 Eaglecliff Cir Dr.

The lot is one of the last two remaining developer lots at Windcliff Estates in Estes Park, Colorado.

Well, first and foremost, the obvious answer should be simply, “no one has purchased it so that YOU could have that opportunity!”  But all pithy real estate expressions aside, the answer I gave him is that no one who’s looked at it has been able to “see it.”

Oh, sure, plenty of potential buyers have seen the lot — my wife and I considered buying it in 2014 ourselves but we ended up choosing a lot lower on the mountain instead in order to build our dream mountain home.  But we had that option.  That option (to buy another lot in Windcliff) hasn’t existed in years since all the other lots got swallowed-up by buyers with the vision required to build their own mountain dream home.

But the reason everyone who has viewed the lot since hasn’t purchased it has nothing to do with “red flags,” “warts,” “unexpected surprises” or any other tragic real estate tale of the “lot that’s still for sale.”   My opinion of why this lot hasn’t sold is simply that the right buyer with the right vision simply hasn’t seen it yet.

Let’s talk about a previous lot sale in Windcliff.  My friend Connie had her lot in Windcliff listed for sale for over twelve years.  My predecessor, George showed dozens and dozens of potential buyers that lot through the years.  I myself showed that lot to no fewer than a dozen potential buyers before we were successful getting it under contract.  So why did it take so long to sell?  And what did my buyer friends see that years and years and dozens and dozens of previous buyers couldn’t?  Well, if a photo is worth, 1,000 words, let me simply “say” this:

This is what my friends Mindy and Jason saw.

Unfortunately, this is all everyone before them saw:

When looking at a lot, especially a steep, heavily tree’d lot, it is especially challenging to see the view for the trees.  Jason and Mindy saw it and their mountain dream is now Estes Park’s most coveted luxury vacation rental home!

The lot my wife and I purchased in 2014 had a similar history.  It too was an original developer lot that had been actively for sale for decades before my wife and purchased it.  Here’s what most buyers saw:

See those power lines?  And those power poles?  Terrible, right?  Okay, we “saw” them.  But we also saw PAST them.  We saw this:

Yep.  That’s our house.  And sure.  You can see the power lines and the power poles (look behind, “Pasquale” the big ponderosa).  They’re still there.  But when we tell this story to our visitors and guests as we enjoy our sundrenched decks, every single one of them has reponded with, “What power lines?  If you didn’t point them out, we would have never have seen them.  We’ve been staring at the mountains.”   Yep.  Exactly.

So, how can I help you “see it?”  You have an incredible opportunity to buy one of the two last remaining developer lots in Windcliff:  2741 Cedarcliff Dr and  3413 Eaglecliff Cir Dr .   Here’s what previous buyers have seen.  What do YOU see?

Deer Cave Lot - West View - Windcliff Estes Park Real Estate

Or this:

Point Lot - NW View - Windcliff Estes Park Real Estate

A great builder or architect can also be especially helpful in assisting you to see the potential of a mountain building lot.  We can recommend  a handful who are actively helping other buyers build their mountain dream homes in Windcliff Estates in Estes Park, Colorado.  I’d be happy to introduce you to a team of proven professionals who can help your vision become a reality!

– Rich Chiappe, Licensed Colorado Broker, HomeSmart Realty Group
Windcliff homeowner since 2015