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Estes Park Weather Forecast

No matter the season, weather is always top-of-mind when planning a vacation. Windcliff vacation homes in Estes Park are an ideal place to relax and enjoy any season. At an elevation of 7,522 feet, Estes Park Colorado weather consists of moderate summers and crisp, snowy winters, all while enjoying the spectacular views of the home of Rocky Mountain National Park. No matter when you come to Windcliff, you’ll be surrounded by the beauty of the mountains and the bordering Roosevelt National Forest.

Here is a live look at the weather at Windcliff and in Estes Park.

Estes Park Colorado Weather


When you’re planning your daily activities, it can be handy to know if you’re looking at a blustery day. Bookmark this page and visit any time to see the wind and temperature at Estes Park.



Seasonal Activities

How can you enjoy the weather each season? What kind of activities are available? More details about all the fun and exciting things to do in Estes Park are highlighted in Windcliff’s guide, but here are some seasonal highlights and weather expectations.


Milder than one would think, temperatures range from about 20 degrees Fahrenheit to about 40 degrees Fahrenheit. It is highly recommended to drive a 4-wheel or All-Wheel drive vehicle from November through March. The roads are cleared regularly, but snow is to be expected and a heartier vehicle will make driving easier. The snow will come, but it generally doesn’t arrive in one huge snowstorm. It can start with a light dusting of flurries, or you might see several inches at once. Enjoy it while it lasts because when the sun comes out the blanket of snow is gone in just a few days.

Activities to enjoy in the winter weather include snowshoeing, hiking, horseback riding, and much more.


Get ready for a weather rollercoaster in Spring. Epic snowstorms are not unheard of, with 15 inches dropping in just a few hours, followed by 70 degrees. Grab your layers and prepare for anything. April and May tend to be the most variable months, and in June temperatures normalize to pleasant summertime.

What kind of activities can you do during all that turmoil? Check the weather and head out for some rock climbing, wildlife photography, hiking, or maybe zip lining.


Weather in the summer is warm with little humidity. Expect temperatures in the high 70s with cooler evenings. Sunglasses and jackets are good items to keep on-hand, and an afternoon rain shower may pop up. Don’t let it dampen your spirits, though, the rain doesn’t last too long.

This is the best season to soak up the sun with some whitewater rafting, fly fishing, rock climbing, hiking, and more. Peruse our guide and choose something fun.


Fall brings bugling elk, bountiful color, and more moderate weather. The temperatures are similar to summer. Flannel and fleece are your friends for this season, and the frost on the ground is just a nod to what’s to come.

Activity-wise, look for spooky things happening all around town. You can also enjoy hiking, rock climbing, wildlife photography, bird watching, and so much more. This is also a great season to enjoy the Estes Park night sky, if you’re a stargazer!

Overall, no matter which season you choose, there are many fun and exciting things to do. And knowing that your luxury rental is waiting for you so you can rest and recover for the next day is the icing on the cake! Search Windcliff’s rental homes and start planning your trip today!

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