Hiking & Rocky Mountain National Park

With majestic mountains, tundra wildflowers, abundant wildlife, Trail Ridge Road (the highest paved road in the US), and over 350 miles of hiking trails, Rocky Mountain National Park is spectacular and worth a trip from anywhere! From flat easy hikes around a mountain lake to challenging multi-day backpacking trips and climbs, Rocky Mountain National Park offers trails for hikers of every level. Let us help you plan your adventure! Find the best ways to take in the majesty and serenity of the park. It’s YOUR Rocky—explore it!

Diverse and Beautiful

Rocky Mountain National Park attracts hikers from from all around the globe who are in search of nature and adventure. The trails are divided into five regions, each with their own specific feature so you can plan the perfect hike.

Relax… or push it to the limit!

No matter your age or fitness level, you can create an ideal hiking experience. It can range all the way from a peaceful walk up to multiple days of backpacking. You’ll want to learn more about the trails and their difficulty levels, so you can match the trails you tackle with your fitness and adventure level. Here’s one guide to the various trails in Rocky Mountain National Park.

After Your Hike

After your day of hiking, we bet you’ll be hungry, thirsty, and ready to relax. Fortunately, the opportunities to kick back in Estes Park are many, with its selection of restaurants and fine dining as well as bars and breweries! Of course, you could also head right back to your Windcliff vacation home for a quiet night with family, surrounded by luxury and beautiful views to top off your day of adventure.

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