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Rental Management

Who is Windcliff Vacation Rentals/Estes Park Homes?   

Perhaps we should start with who we are not.

Windcliff Vacation Rentals/Estes Park Homes is not a venture-capital backed or out-of-town corporate creation here to take a piece of the Estes Park vacation rental “action.”  Our business is not a corporation or franchisee based in Granby, Breckenridge, Denver, Austin, Seattle, Silicon Valley or Portland, Oregon.  

Windcliff Vacation Rentals/Estes Park Homes is local — an extension of Windcliff Vacation Rentals which has been renting luxury in Estes Park for 52+ years.  Our staff lives in Estes Park, work in Estes Park and plan to be in Estes Park for the rest of our careers and beyond.  Our vendors are Estes Park based whenever possible.  

Windcliff Vacation Rentals/Estes Park homes is full-time and year-round and here for the long-haul.  Even when the tourist rush dies down, our homes continue to rent and in many ways a lot of our work is just beginning as we schedule off-season deep cleans and step-up our marketing to prepare for the next and continue to rent homes to guests who appreciate the value of Estes Park in the shoulder seasons.  

Windcliff Gatehouse

The “Gatehouse” at Windcliff has been the rental/real estate office for Estes Park Homes/Windcliff since the 1960’s

It’s not about “Bookings” – It’s about YOU and YOUR HOME.

Corporate booking companies and their marketing fliers that claim to “increase bookings” simply don’t get it.  Anyone can “increase bookings” for a vacation rental home:  Lower the price and post it to VRBO – done!  But that’s completely ignoring what our homeowners WANT!  

Who is using your home?  Who is cleaning your home?  How much attention to detail is being given in the busy season – especially in “turns” where there is a mere 4-hour gap between check-outs and check-ins?  And do they REALLY care about anything more than making their buck and moving on to the next house?

At Windcliff Vacation Rentals/Estes Park Homes, we do not believe it is about “maximizing bookings” or necessarily even finding more renters.  What our homeowners want is the RIGHT renters at the RIGHT price that makes SHARING their Estes Park home stress-free and financially worthwhile.   

Comprehensive, Stress-Free, Professional Vacation Rental Management Services

Estes Park Homes provides homeowners the highest levels of quality in all aspects of vacation rental management.  Our homeowners rest easy knowing their homes are being managed professionally by a dedicated year-round staff of experienced professionals.  

Estes Park Homes manages every aspect of vacation home management including:

    • Professional Housekeeping
    • Home Monitoring & Reporting
    • Maintenance Coordination & Scheduling
    • Comprensive Vacation Rental Management 
    • Professional Linen Management. 
    • Professional, comprehensive marketing
    • Online, telephone and in-person reservations & guest services
    • Conveniently located, well-communicated, professionally staffed
    • Professional trust accounting, sales tax management & owner accounting reporting
    • Management and payment of all credit card processing
    • Management and payment of all software & systems licensing and hosting
    • Management and payment of all required sales taxes
    • Insurance on every guest stay for $10,000 in accidental damages and $1M in liability
    • Sales of travel insurance as option for all guest reservations
    • Management of all applicable Town and County VR license and inspection regulatory activities


Windcliff Vacation Homes Rental Management

Give Us A Call At:

(970) 586-2181

Windcliff Vacation Homes Rental Management

Give Us A Call At:

(970) 586-2181

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100% safe & SECURE

Why Choose Windcliff Vacation Rentals/Estes Park Homes

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Obsessed with the Details

We use premium hotel quality linens.  All sheets and towels are provided by our program and are professionally laundered, and sanitized between each guest stay.  We offer a premium booking website that tops organic rankings for the top categories regarding Estes Park vacation rentals. We offer premium marketing distribution to the industries top online booking platforms. We offer comprehensive maintenance coordination keeping your home it top condition at all times. 

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Premium Homes

Estes Park Homes is selective to ensure the homes we manage offer the best quality we offer rental guests.   Homes that work well in Estes Park Homes’ program include those that offer guests: 4 or more bedrooms (ideally 5+) Guest occupancy minimum of 8 Updated furnishings Updated kitchens & appliances Updated baths & fixtures Year-round accessibility Garage spaces for guest use (ideally) Prime season rentals (ideally at least half of the dates between mid-June and mid-October would be available for guest reservations) Special views & amenities

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Premium Guests

Estes Park Homes serves high end clientele and have accumulated a guest list of over 10,000 previous guests who come back to Estes Park time and again. We are able to ensure our homeowners the highest quality renters because we thoroughly vet all guests to ensure they understand and accept the following key requirements of the Guest Rental Agreement: Our guests are mature, our guests are committed, Our guests are insured, Our guests adhere to occupancy limits, Our guests have appropriate intentions, Our guests adhere to strict access limits, Our guests don’t smoke in your home, Our guests don’t sneak pets, and Our guests are good neighbors.

Proven Performance

The reward for strictly enforcing the Estes Park Homes code of conduct is both happier guests, happier homeowners and rewarding financial performance.

We continuously monitor and analyze the Estes Park vacation rental market to ensure your home is earning maximum rents for each season.  As a result, Estes Park Homes yield the highest income net of commission of any homes in the Estes Valley.

In 2021 alone, the average home in the Windcliff/Estes Park Homes portfolio experienced:

  • Over 1.5X the average daily revenue*
  • Over 1.5X the length of stay*
  • Over 2.75X the average stay value*
  • Over 3X higher personal usage by the homeowners*
  • Significantly fewer cancellations*

*Versus ALL other vacation rentals in the Estes Valley

As you can see – NO OTHER RENTAL MANAGEMENT COMPANY can match Windcliff/Estes Park Homes’ ability to BALANCE Total Performance of revenue generation and homeowner enjoyment. We don’t desire to “maximize bookings” but rather to exceed homeowners’ expectations which is usually a healthy balance of maximum revenue with minimum wear and tear on their luxury homes.

In short, Windcliff/Estes Park Homes generates higher revenues than any other Estes Park rental management company while also ensuring the least wear & tear on their amazing homes.

What it Takes to Run Estes Park’s Premier Vacation Rental Management Business

Operating Estes Park’s premium vacation rental management business is simply not feasible  on 10%, 20% or even 30% commissions.  Any management company offering to do so is coming up short somewhere (or nickel and diming you for the difference!).  

The  largest operating expense our operation incurs is our people.  Estes Park Homes pays a living wage that enables all our employees — including housekeepers — to live, work, worship and raise their families in Estes Park.

Estes Park Homes operates its modestly profitable business on a commission of 40% of rents and 100% of the Cleaning Fee charged to each guest.  Operations at a lower commission rate are simply not sustainable.  Any company offering to do so simply isn’t as committed long-term to the people of Estes Park — and especially your homes — as Estes Park Homes is, period.

Every one of our homeowners will gladly share with you why they feel Estes Park Homes is the best decision they’ve made for the care and rental of their Estes Park home.

Additional Services provided only to homeowners by contract/membership

Estes Park Homes and its approved contractors can also provide Estes Park homeowners the following non-rental services to homeowners on a contract basis:

    • Property monitoring including periodic property inspections
    • Housekeeping management
    • Maintenance coordination
    • Seasonal opening/closures per homeowner instruction.
    • Private transportation to/from DIA for homeowners
    • Hot tub maintenance
    • Home redecorating
    • Home remodeling
    • Home design/build
    • Real estate services including market  analysis, sales listing (performed by Rich Chiappe, licensed Colorado Real Estate Broker, HomeSmart Realty Group of Colorado) and real estate planning

Getting Started with
Windcliff Vacation Rentals/
Estes Park Homes

Let’s get started with a conversation.  Give us call and let’s see how Estes Park Homes can make your Estes Park  homeownership both stress-free and financially satisfying.

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