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How Vacation Rental Income Can Help You Buy a Home in Windcliff

If you’ve ever considered buying a home in Estes Park, here’s how revenue from vacation rentals can possibly help you turn your dream into a reality! For the sake of story telling, let’s consider a recent project in Windcliff. The stunning lodge-style mountain home, just steps away from Rocky Mountain National Park boasted stunning panoramic views, wood and stone accents, massive living room rock fireplace, 2 upstairs decks, master suite with 2nd wood fireplace, elegant bath with soaking tub, steam shower, sauna, and elegant master bath with dual vanities.  The home rented for $430/night in Prime season, was a Top 5 rental in...

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Insuring Your Vacation Rental

The Homeowner’s Perspective While your second home is just that – a second home – and can can be legally and properly covered by a homeowners’ policy, there are additional benefits to insuring a second home that is being rented out for short-term vacation rentals under a commercial policy. Now, granted, a commercial policy can sometimes be as much as twice as expensive as a simple homeowners’ policy, but here in Colorado, depending on the Insurer/Underwriter, can also provide very valuable additional coverages including coverage(s) for lost revenue and increased, standard liability coverage. Some of our homes in Windcliff are...

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What to Consider Before You Buy a Vacation Home

The article “What to Consider Before You Buy a Vacation Home” recently appeared in The Wall Street Journal. In it, writer Jeff Brown, writer in Livingston, MT highlighted both the pluses and minuses of owning a vacation/rental home. Here is his article, edited to be most relevant to owning a home in Windcliff with personal comments inserted by Rich Chiappe of Windcliff Homes.   Chiappe first rented a Windcliff vacation rental home with his family and another in 2007, became enamored with Windcliff, purchased a 3-bedroom condo exclusively for vacation rental (investment) in 2011, sold it in 2014, purchased a...

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Your mountain home dream. What are you waiting for?

Call me an eternal optimist, but there could quite possibly be no better time to buy or build your mountain home dream than right now. The Setting If you’re reading this, you probably already know what Windcliff is about but at the risk of restating the obvious, “it’s about the views (, stupid ; ).” But it’s also about the community, the neighbors and the mountain we share. Windcliff is more than just a cabin in the woods.  It’s secluded and private, but it’s a community of like-minded, like-hearted neighbors who wave when they pass, plan gatherings together and share...

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