Here at Windcliff, folks ask us all the time while planning their Colorado mountain vacation: should I rent an affordable riverside cabin or a majestic mountainside home? Well, our feeling is: why not have the best of both worlds? Windcliff’s Estes Park duplex condos, detached condos, and triplex condos offer you majestic million dollar views at rates more comparable with riverside cabins.  Here are some things to consider when you’re deciding what to rent!

How’s the view?

In our experience, typical riverside cabins tend to be “fenced-in” by tall trees. This limits your views of the beautiful countryside, sometimes to mere feet in front of your toes. Condos in Windcliff are not only affordable, they offer endless million-dollar views of the snow capped Continental Divide and the Colorado Rocky Mountains. In fact, our “cabins” also offer the same — and in some cases BETTER — views than some of the largest luxury homes in Estes Park.

What do you hear?

Here again, this likely comes down to preferences, but remember this: the river NEVER takes a break.  A riverside cabin in Estes Park will be flooded with the sounds of running water 24x7x365.  At Windcliff, our goal is zero: zero sound = zero stress.  A mountain condo at Windcliff can offer you the sound of almost nothing but the wind in the trees and the thoughts in your heart.

What amenities are available in Estes Park condos?

Another item you should consider when deciding on lodging for your mountain escape: the amenities that available. Each Estes Park condo at Windcliff provides a luxury experience.  We have many condo rentals with a hot tub, such as BreidingCedar Upper, Cedar LowerJordan and Tranquil! We also have a dog friendly rental home, the Macmillan home, and a dog friendly condo, the Wanderlust home.

Putting the luxury back into your luxury vacation rental!

Keep in mind that a “rustic” experience doesn’t have to be without luxury.  Take a look at Garland’s Alpine LodgeDivine, or Serenity Estes Park condos. Each one of these gorgeous rental homes preserves the classic, warm, secluded feel of a mountain vacationing and living space without compromising on comfort and amenities.

Maximizing the budget

Finally, just because the budget is driving your selection, that doesn’t mean you’ll have to limit your views.  Take a look at the AdamsGriffin, Destiny or Werlein condos. Each one of these vacation rental condos offers viewing opportunities that well surpass your typical rental cabin: unmatched panoramic views from high atop Rams Horn Mountain.  In other words, million dollar views on a limited budget!  It simply doesn’t get any better than this.

But remember: if nothing other than a log home will do, have a look at the Armstrong Estes Park cabin at Windcliff.

The bottom line is this: Windcliff offers a dream vacation for everyone on every budget without sacrificing views and luxury! If you’re ready to get started, view all of our available Estes Park vacation rentals to find the one that speaks to you.