Professional Full-Service Home Rental Management

Outside of Windcliff, we operate as Estes Park Homes extending our 54-years of professional short-term rental management experience to the Estes Valley.

The homes we manage boast the highest Average Daily Rates (ADRs), highest Average Stay Value (ASV) and Average Stay Length (ASLs) in the Estes Valley.

Choosey for the Choosey

Ours is not a volume model. Estes Park Homes is choosey about which homes not only make sense in our portfolio, but also which homeowners share the values we share in managing their vacation home(s).

Our homeowners tend to offer premium luxury homes which we offer to a premium rental guest at a premium price.  Ours if full-service and five-star.  Windcliff Manages (and pays for) every aspect of guest acquisition, vetting, marketing, distribution, bookings, revenue, tax reporting, guest services and homeowners support.

Why Choose Us?

While other rental managers may obsess over occupancy, Estes Park Homes stresses balance. Most of our homeowners are more interested in driving higher revenues on fewer nights rented rather than the high-volume occupancy models. Through vigilant pricing and aided by technology, Estes Park Homes drives the highest Average Daily Rates in the Estes Valley.  Our homeowners appreciate our ability to drive maximum revenues without wearing out their homes.

Our homeowners also personally use their homes more than any other rental management program in the Estes Valley. Our homeowners used their homes, on average, for over 95 nights in 2023.  Again, our program is about maximizing rental revenues but still allowing our homeowners to enjoy the home they bought to enjoy with their families and add to their family memories of this magical place called Estes Park.

Attract the Best Guests

We use our data and best practices to ensure your listing performs as well as possible and increase Average Daily Rates.

Our Marketing services include:

  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Dynamic pricing
  • Optimization
  • Professional photography
  • Distribution to the world’s leading vacation rental booking sites

Our Guest services include:

  • Reservation and revenue management
  • Unrivaled personal vetting of EVERY rental guest
  • Unapologetic emphasis of expected behavior and house rules
  • Guest check-in and in-house support 7-days/week and 24-hours/day
  • Distribution to the world’s leading vacation rental booking sites

Our Marketing services include:

  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Dynamic pricing
  • Optimization
  • Professional photography
  • Distribution to the world’s leading vacation rental booking sites


Integrity and trustworthiness are at the center of our values. We put professionalism first to ensure the best results for our property owners as well as quality stays for our guests.  When you ask top rents for the Estes Valley’s top homes, guests and homeowners alike expect and receive top service, professionalism and performance excellence.


Great communication is the key to any successful business relationship and any good short-term rental experience. We pride ourselves on our fast response time and professional communications to facilitate a positive working partnership.

Local Support

We are year-round, local Estes Park residents.  Every guest speaks to a real Estes Park-based partner or staff member.  We have no call centers or remote support services suppliers.

Goal-Oriented Approach

We are passionate and focused on achieving our goals and those of our property owners. We manage to a unique strategic plan for each homeowner while constantly monitoring the local landscape helps us to attain and surpass our mutual objectives.  Perhaps your interest is driving more rented nights.  We can manage to that.  Or perhaps, you’d prefer just a few very-high dollar rentals to minimize the wear and tear on your home.  We can manage to that as well.  It’s up to you, the homeowner.  We will set goals and manage to your expectations.

State-of-the-Art Technology

Windcliff Vacation Homes is at the forefront of cutting-edge technology and software to secure maximum occupancy for our property owners and seamless booking experiences for our short-term rental guests.  Our tricks of the trade include Dynamic Length of Stay and Gap Logic technologies.  We’d be happy to explain how these may fit into the strategic plan for the rental of your home.

Insurance for EVERYONE

Windcliff and Estes Park Homes provide an insurance policy on each and every guest rental that covers $10,000 in accidental damage and $500,000 in liability coverage.  The homeowner, guest and Estes Park Homes are all named insureds assuring no-question, fast response for any claims so your guest stays and homeowners are not inconvenienced.


Since 1970, we’ve seen how much the business landscape can change. Our team is constantly analyzing the short-term rental business: its fluctuations, local demographics, as well as present and future economic challenges. Our mission is to thrive when challenges are present.

If you are a homeowner searching for a new short-term rental manager, Windcliff and Estes Park Homes is the top choice in the Estes Valley. Discover more about our process and let us know about your property and desired rental goals.  We’d be happy to see if we can jointly develop a rental strategy that works for both of us. Contact us or call us today. We look forward to working with you!