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What makes a luxury vacation home?

Luxury — it’s what we’re all after when we go on vacation. But what does it really mean? To us, it means anything but typical. Unmatched views By far, the greatest draw to Windcliff are the unmatched, nearly endless views of Rocky Mountain National Park and snow capped peaks as far as the eye can see! When building a home, Windcliff homeowners naturally tend to make the most of the views with generous use of windows (in some cases, literal walls of windows!) throughout each property, bringing the mountains into every living and dining area year-round. Not a single overlooked...

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Where Windcliff’s Water Comes From

The Town of Estes Park treats water from two separate sources. As part of the Colorado-Big Thompson Project, our Marys Lake plant receives source water from the upper Colorado River after it has been stored in Grand Lake and transported 13.1 miles to the East Slope via the Alva B. Adams tunnel into Marys Lake. This plant can obtain water directly from the tunnel or the lake. Our second source, Glacier Creek, is a tributary to the Big Thompson River which begins at an elevation of 11,300 feet in Rocky Mountain National Park. It is treated at the Glacier Creek...

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