Luxury — it’s what we’re all after when we go on vacation. But what does it really mean? To us, it means anything but typical.

Unmatched views

By far, the greatest draw to Windcliff are the unmatched, nearly endless views of Rocky Mountain National Park and snow capped peaks as far as the eye can see! When building a home, Windcliff homeowners naturally tend to make the most of the views with generous use of windows (in some cases, literal walls of windows!) throughout each property, bringing the mountains into every living and dining area year-round.

Not a single overlooked detail

Luxury homes in Windcliff are designed and decorated with every detail in mind from luxury mattresses and pillows, to high-end furnishings and decor, no detail is ever passed up.

Details can be simple:  a woven throw on every leather sofa and chair; a crockpot; a coffee grinder; five-star hotel quality towels and bed linens; a selection of pillows for every bed, etc.


Besides having unmatched Rocky Mountain views, each home in Windcliff is equipped with decks, fireplace, and a kitchen that’s fully stocked with every imaginable utensil: yes, there’s even an ice cream scoop, a pizza cutter and a knife sharpener. In addition, our homes offer a wide variety of additional amenities ranging from hot tubs, Internet access, family games like pool or shuffleboard, home theater rooms, and even more. You can search our homes by feature to find the exact vacation rental that’s best for your family.

Location and Convenience

We have 20 world-class luxury vacation homes that give that secluded, peaceful feel — but all the while are just 4 miles from downtown Estes Park, Colorado. This means that while you can enjoy a romantic or secluded getaway, at the same time you have only a short drive to bars and nightlife, wonderful restaurants, and a huge variety of things to do!