UPDATE for 2020 — We hope you find this blog useful and informative as you plan your vacation to Estes Park.

Currently, Windcliff does not offer any vacation rental homes that allow pets during your stay.

However, we have offered dog-friendly rental homes in the past and may do so again in the future. If you have any questions, please contact us online or call us at 970-586-2181.

What you should know about bringing your dogs to Estes Park

Before you load the entire crew (including the pooches) and head out, you should be aware of some key points when it comes to vacationing with your dogs in Estes Park.

First, you will encounter pet rules in Rocky Mountain National Park, which is right in Windcliff’s backyard. The biggest rule: pets are prohibited on ALL Rocky Mountain National Park trails, tundra, and meadows, according to the official site. National parks aren’t always the best (or safest) place for your pets. However, leashed pets are allowed in designated areas such as established campgrounds and picnic areas – and you’ll generally be able to hike with your dog — again as long as they are leashed — in Roosevelt National Forest. You can review the rules on the National Park Service website before you go.

In addition to the specific rules at the national park, keep in mind that while your dog may have wild roots (don’t we all?) that they are still a domesticated pet. They might not be able to control those wild urges that suddenly take them over when met with the beauty, mystery, and overwhelmingly interesting smells to be found in a national park! If your dog isn’t leashed, they might just run off into the woods or chase the wildlife around! This may happen even if they are just perfect at home. So, you’ll want to plan to keep close watch on your pet, as well as keep them leashed. Be careful when hiking or exploring on any dog-friendly trails, too.

Activities for you and your dog in Estes Park

Aside from hiking and enjoying nature – of course assuming the rules are followed! – make sure to visit nearby town of Estes Park (internal link to guide). There are pet friendly restaurants in Estes Park for you and your companion to grab a bite of food. Many establishments even leave out water dishes for families walking their dogs and window shopping in town. Estes Park, overall, is known for being dog friendly!

In addition, leashed dogs can often be seen on the beautiful Estes Park Riverwalk. There’s even the Estes Valley Dog Park. Provided by the Town of Estes Park, the facility features lake access and an agility course.

Other resources

There are many other businesses in the Estes Park, CO area that you may want to take note of. The Estes Park Pet Supply Company offers supplies you may need while you’re out, including food, toys, and more. If you forgot anything your dogs need, check them out! In the event of an emergency, you can contact the Animal Hospital of the Rockies or the Animal Medical Center of Estes Park.