The Town of Estes Park treats water from two separate sources. As part of the Colorado-Big Thompson Project, our Marys Lake plant receives source water from the upper Colorado River after it has been stored in Grand Lake and transported 13.1 miles to the East Slope via the Alva B. Adams tunnel into Marys Lake. This plant can obtain water directly from the tunnel or the lake.

Our second source, Glacier Creek, is a tributary to the Big Thompson River which begins at an elevation of 11,300 feet in Rocky Mountain National Park. It is treated at the Glacier Creek Plant, located on the eastern boundary of the Park.

We are fortunate in that our source water is virtually uncontaminated by introduced toxins such as industrial waste, petroleum by-products, or agricultural run off. Our treatment process is primarily an effort to eliminate naturally occur-ring substances and to adjust the chemical characteristics of the water to allow the treatment steps to take place.

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) has provided us with a Source Water Assessment Report for our water supply. The assessment is used to determine the susceptibility of the public water system to possi-ble contamination. This report provides a screening-level evaluation of the likelihood that a potential contamination problem could occur rather than an indication that a problem has or will occur. We can use this information to evaluate the need to improve our current water treatment capabilities and prepare for future contamination threats.

For general information or to obtain a copy of the report, please visit the Town website at or the CDPHE website at The report is located under “Source Water As-sessment Reports”, and then “Find Your County’s Water Report”. Select LARIMER County and find 135257; ESTES PARK, TOWN OF. You may also request a copy by calling Chris Eshelman, Water Superintendent, at 970.577.3608.

The Windcliff Property Owners Association maintains 3 reservoirs in Windcliff. Reservoir No. 1 is at the “Blue Line” (line above which the Town of Estes Park cannot guarantee water pressure/delivery) and arrives by town water pressure. Windcliff then pumps water uphill to Reservoir No. 2.

Reservoir No. 2 is on the north end of St. Moritz and includes a 100,000 gallon underground concrete tank. Windcliff then pumps water uphill to Reservoir No. 3. Reservoir No. 3 gives Windcliff residents a reserve of water for peak use and firefighting.

All domestic water delivery is gravity fed to individual homes which have wireless meters read regularly by WPOA Operations Staff. Each home has a backflow prevention valve, pressure regulator and meter. Each home also has a Curb Stop Valve to shsut off water outside their home.

Windcliff Property owners pay for water at the WPOA’s bulk rate cost.  The WPOA assesses a “base” water fee annually to each property owner (total water consumption divided by number of properties in Windcliff).  Then, each year, each property owners’ annual assessment is adjusted (trued-up) for actual usage (over or under based on actual wireless meter readings in each home).

The WPOA also conducts periodic water testing to state standards with oversight by the State Water Authority.

There is no Tap Fee for constructing a new home in Windcliff but construction cost to connect is at the owner’s expense under the WPOA’s supervision.

Windcliff is lucky to have one of the most advanced, most reliable and highest-quality water systems in the Estes Valley!