Monthly Vacation Rental (MVR) homes in Estes Park are rapidly growing in popularity — and it’s easy to see why. They’re one of the most flexible options available for guests looking for a stay that is a month or longer, but less than a year – specifically, for 30-363 consecutive nights.

We’re proud to announce that Windcliff is now offering monthly vacation rentals in a selection of our luxury home properties:

Why book a Monthly Vacation Rental at Windcliff?

There are so many scenarios by which Monthly Vacation Rentals — in such a beautiful place as Estes Park — are a perfect solution to your lodging needs. Here are a few examples:

Creative Artists: Perhaps you are an artist, musician, writer, or similar member of the creative arts. If you’re working on a critical project, your life’s masterpiece, or just need a beautiful getaway to focus on your production while removing distractions – this is it.

Working Professionals: The hustle and bustle of city and suburban life can be overwhelming on top of intense pressure at work. Working and traveling professionals value mid-term rentals as a valuable getaway – to focus on getting things done in a place of beauty and wellness.

Seasonal Work or Travel: If you’re working in the Estes Park area for a period of time, why not stay in a place of beauty where you’ll find all the comforts of home during your stay? Similarly, if you’ve been looking for your ideal yearly getaway spot where you stay 2-3 months out of the year — you’ve found it here at Windcliff.

Come-and-Go: Leave your bags unpacked.  If you need to make a mid-stay visit elsewhere, just lock up and leave.  Everything will be waiting for you when you return to your Windcliff Monthly Vacation Rental. Monthly Vacation Rentals are already discounted so have peace of mind that you’ve paid a “just right” price to have the freedom to stay, leave and return as your schedule requires.

Questions on Monthly Vacation Rental homes in Estes Park?

We’d love to answer any questions you have about booking a Monthly Vacation Rental home at Windcliff. Our online FAQ may answer some of the questions you have, but please call our office personally at 970-586-2181. You may also contact us online.