Glamping is a new word — it was added to the Oxford dictionary in 2016 — but it’s a very old concept! In fact, people have been “glamping” for centuries, all the way back to the 16th century. There’s glamping in Estes Park too – the idea of being surrounded by nature while having the ability to relax in comfortable luxury — all while also having countless adventures within just a few steps of your front door — is very appealing to many vacationers.

What is glamping, anyway?

The core idea behind “glamping” is, well – we could call it “camping in style.” Not all folks who are looking to visit Estes Park are expecting to sleep in an moldy old cabin or questionable tent at the end of the day — with all the creepy crawlies that might come with them, not to mention a lack of amenities for your family. What about having your own, dedicated facilities like a washer and dryer, fully outfitted kitchen, and entertainment areas? Also, many families simply don’t have the space or resources for an RV or trailer to go on an adventure.

So, glamping is retreating to a location where you can experience all the joys of nature but with a luxurious place to retreat to at the end of your days of adventure, whether it be in downtown Estes Park, on the river rapids, or out hiking in nature. And, with no need to worry about an RV, trailer, or questionable sleeping arrangements.

Glamping in Estes Park

One of many advantages of staying at Windcliff for your glamping vacation is the sheer luxury and beauty of our homes and their proximity to Rocky Mountain National Park. RMNP is practically in Windcliff’s backyard, and every home features spectacular views of the park and the Continental Divide. Take just a few steps out of any Windcliff home and instantly surround yourself in the beauty of the mountains — or the glory of the Estes Park night sky – with luxury and restoration just a few steps back the way you came.

Another advantage of staying at Windcliff is that we have such a large variety of homes to suit any family or group’s needs. We have homes with elevator access, such as Casa de Cristal. Many of our homes are outfitted with luxurious hot tubs – perfect for soothing aching muscles after a day of adventure on the trails! We even have dog-friendly Estes Park vacation rentals, in the event you just can’t imagine a vacation in Estes Park without your furry friends by your side. And, every one of our vacation homes is nestled perfectly in nature, right next to the park, with the best views in Estes Park.

Ready to start your Estes Park glamping adventure?

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