We have ideas… lots of them.

Estes Park is absolutely full of activities for every individual, even if you’re not the outdoorsy type! How about we break down some of our favorite activities in the area? You will have no shortage of ideas to help you create the best Estes Park vacation experience imaginable, whether you’re flying solo or traveling with family or friends.

Rocky Mountain National Park & Wildlife Photography

Rocky Mountain National Park, or RMNP for short (and how we often refer to it) attracts lovers of the outdoors from all over the world.

The trails at RMNP are divided into five regions, each with their own specific highlight, so you can plan your perfect hike.

With over four hundred square miles of national park (300 square miles of which are hiking trails) you could spend a lifetime alone just exploring the park! For more information about RMNP, see our Estes Park Guide or visit NPS.gov.

Aquatic Activities in Estes Park

You won’t be a fish out of water in Estes Park. While the mountains and wildlife are often thought of as the main highlight, there is plenty of H2O around to support your favorite aquatic activities.

First, Estes Park and RMNP are known for high country stream and lake fishing – it is one of the worlds most popular fishing destinations, especially for fly fishers. Plus, with several “flyshops” and sporting vendors in Estes Park (see our short list here) all the supplies you’ll need are right at hand.

However, the relaxed pace of fishing may not be for everyone. If you require something more exciting to do on the water, how about white water rafting?

The Cache la Poudre River offers rapids from class II – IV, and several local providers in the area offer experienced guides and outfitting services.

Family Activities in Estes Park

If you are staying at an Estes Park vacation rental home with your family, rest assured that there is a plethora of family-friendly activities in the Estes Park area.

You’re out West after all, so why not start with horseback riding in Estes Park? Local vendors offer guided tours, group horseback riding for the whole family, and even free range exploration for the equine experts out there. You can even zipline!

For other fair weather activities for the fam, check out the Fun City amusement park, as well as Estes Park Ride-a-Cart. Both of these spots offer a variety of games, rides, and attractions for the whole family. Indoors, check out options for indoor rock climbing and bowling at Chipper’s Lanes.

Estes Park Restaurants, Dining, and Nightlife

When dusk is on the horizon, we bet you’ll be thirsty and hungry from your day of adventure in the Rockies. Thankfully, you won’t have any trouble with ideas of where to eat in Estes Park. Our community is decked out with the finest local dining establishments, breweries, and wineries; there’s truly something for everyone.

We couldn’t possibly list all the dining experiences here – take a look at our helpful guide of restaurants and dining in Estes Park to narrow down your short list of venues for your trip. (For the adults out there, check out our Estes Park bars & nightlife guide as well.)

There’s plenty to do in Estes Park

We hope our short guide has sparked your interest in our beautiful and sublime mountain community. There truly is no shortage of activities here, for any individual or interest. If you have any questions or are looking for the latest “hot spots” in Estes Park, talk to our friendly staff!

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