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Should I Rent a Riverside Cabin or a Mountainside Condo?

Here at Windcliff, folks ask us all the time while planning their Colorado mountain vacation: should I rent an affordable riverside cabin or a majestic mountainside home? Well, our feeling is: why not have the best of both worlds? Windcliff’s Estes Park duplex condos, detached condos, and triplex condos offer you majestic million dollar views at rates more comparable with riverside cabins.  Here are some things to consider when you’re...

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Insuring Your Vacation Rental

The Homeowner’s Perspective While your second home is just that – a second home – and can can be legally and properly covered by a homeowners’ policy, there are additional benefits to insuring a second home that is being rented out for short-term vacation rentals under a commercial policy. Now, granted, a commercial policy can sometimes be as much as twice as expensive as a simple homeowners’ policy, but here...

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Where Windcliff’s Water Comes From

The Town of Estes Park treats water from two separate sources. As part of the Colorado-Big Thompson Project, our Marys Lake plant receives source water from the upper Colorado River after it has been stored in Grand Lake and transported 13.1 miles to the East Slope via the Alva B. Adams tunnel into Marys Lake. This plant can obtain water directly from the tunnel or the lake. Our second source,...

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What to Consider Before You Buy a Vacation Home

The article “What to Consider Before You Buy a Vacation Home” recently appeared in The Wall Street Journal. In it, writer Jeff Brown, writer in Livingston, MT highlighted both the pluses and minuses of owning a vacation/rental home. Here is his article, edited to be most relevant to owning a home in Windcliff with personal comments inserted by Rich Chiappe of Windcliff Homes.   Chiappe first rented a Windcliff vacation...

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Your mountain home dream. What are you waiting for?

Call me an eternal optimist, but there could quite possibly be no better time to buy or build your mountain home dream than right now. Buying a Lot or Land in Windcliff The old adage that land doesn’t get any cheaper applies.  Granted, land in Windcliff isn’t “cheap.” In fact, it’s very expensive.  But where else can you invest in something that is only getting BETTER with time?  Remember, the...

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How to Spend a Winter Week in Estes Park

Since the first time I brought my wife to Estes Park, I’ve enjoyed experiencing my hometown through her fresh eyes. She didn’t grow up here like I did, so places locals take for granted are new and exciting for her. We mostly visit at Thanksgiving or Christmas now, so the summer hikes and seasonal attractions just aren’t available to us. But what we’ve discovered is that Estes is a romantic,...

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